Sales & Services

A computer support specialist provides technical support for a company, organization’s customers, or their employer’s staff. They use computer software and equipment to assist them in providing advice and help to their employer and their employee’s.

Application software (applications or apps) to help users perform tasks. Office productivity suites, data management software, media players and security……

Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintainin…

Managed IT Service

Software development is important because it helps businesses differentiate themselves and be more competitive. It can improve customer experiences, bring more innovative, feature-rich products to market faster, and make operations more efficient, safe and productive.

Managed Networking Service

Websurfer is a residential Internet solution from Nepal that uses Latest Wireless Technologies available. Inernet is available with packages with Unlimited Plans, Data Usage Based Plans, Night Surfing etc.

These packages are designed keeping in mind the need of the ….